Tuesday, 7 August 2018

passion project

 Whats a passion project a passion project that we decided what we do mine and Ryan passion is to build it helps us learn because we get more into our passion project

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The Final Stretch

This art reprehends when i went to manfeild and when watch the Toyota series car.             

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Passion Project

                                            Passion Project

                               to build picnic tables to help our care taker
because he's doing other things so he does not have the time to assemble the tables  the tables are hexagon they are screwed together with stainless steel screws so then they go rusty. he brought then and they come pre cut.

                                  people in group Jacob Ryan Taine

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

the Skateboard Touranment

Riley was at the skate park he was training to do a handplant that's when you hold your hand on the ground and on your skateboard so he can do that now which is good on to tournament day he sun was beaming down on them as they were waiting in line for there turn it was like ten more people they were nerves it was riley's turn he went up and down the ramp two times and n he had a enough speed to pull off a handplant it was riley friend turn he went down he went back and he split on the way down then they score him a 6.5 good job says’ riley you got a couple of tricks that better than nothing ok i am up for round two let's see if i can do it again this time he zooms quicker than last time he goes up he gets some good airtime and then he goes back up ok i think i don't have to go back up think i can get the handplant ok let's go for it he goes up gets his hand on the broad and then on the ground he was so proud of himself it was the bully turn to go for round he pulls off a lot of trick the judges score him a 9.9 and sadly he scored 9.5 ok i can't win what do you mean look he's wheel is broken that means you win no i don't want to win that way oh i forgot my repair kit look here you go use all you need to get going again thanks ok let to to round three sweet it me turn first

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Information for fidget spinner

Writing focus, express thoughts and feelings

Fidget Spinner
I am getting a fidget spinner. You can get three ended one or a two ended one the cheapest color Is fully black white and black is the most spentest unless you get a gold one. You can spin them and hold them out on you finger. I could’t wait to get my own it keep’t going thourh my head Frist of all you think it is boring but then you will pick it and start you spinning the fidget spinner and you find it fun and you will keep playing with it probably  
You can get glow in the dark you only get it glow red or blue and green. Here’s a fidget spinner.